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You process paperwork manually

It's hard to keep tabs on everyone's tasks when you’re doing things by pen and paper. Like you, your technicians are bogged down by paperwork, instead of focusing on the “real” work out on the field.

Your invoicing system can be improved

Irregular cash inflows are often caused by invoicing delays. As field technicians work in remote locations, it often takes a week for them to return to the office to file the necessary paperwork and invoices.

Coordination between teams are slow

Technological restraints affect the integrity and timely sharing of critical data. Miscommunications and job oversight are the result of delays in the submission of reports down the line.

Share reports faster, boost cash flow and slash turnaround time

With TowerSheet, you can easily follow your team’s progress and tick things off your operational checklist in just a few clicks. No annoying paperwork involved.

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Audit Field Service Tasks

TowerSheet’s Field Ticketing module is a powerhouse of features that make your life easier. Create, assign and close tickets; generate reports, email invoices and apply payments within the module itself. Track who’s assigned to what and increase team accountability. Eliminate time-consuming exchanges and waiting time in between tasks.

Increase Transparency

Secure and easy access to crucial information creates trust in your organization. It also empowers your team to make strategic decisions. TowerSheet houses task lists, safety-critical reports and feedback in one place, keeping your team informed of all activities in an instant. Get your reports and digital assets in sync with everyone, even without the internet.

Create Field Tickets

Review field tickets from your dashboard and update their status within the module. New entries are easy to create and edit: simply select the values from a series of options and dropdown lists. You can also add notes in custom fields.

Generate Invoices

Create invoices for closed tickets, sign them digitally, and then send them over to your clients in a matter of seconds. Save invoices in a variety of file formats and print them for your records.

Receive Payments

Log payments from clients by selecting the corresponding payment type from a dropdown box. Users can apply a given cheque to close multiple invoices.

Run Your Company Better

Take charge of your operations and empower your employees with the right business tools. TowerSheet is available for purchase through Microsoft AppSource. To learn more about how you can implement TowerSheet at your company, please schedule a demo by clicking the button below.

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