Reconcile ROI Numbers and Safety Data

What Do You Need to Reach Your HSE Management Objectives?

You Need Coordination Documents Now

HSE inspection reports from other sites are slow to arrive. You need access to these reports immediately to send assistance where needed, reduce accident-related costs and damage to equipment, as well as avoid potential legal troubles.

You Need a Clear Formula to Predict Profits

The numbers look good, but are you really turning in profits? Calculating accident-related costs and claims are a no-brainer; however, ROI derived from preventive measures are difficult to pin down.

You Want to Increase HSE Compliance

As a new player in the field, you face the same complex regulatory challenges as major competitors in the sector. You want to beef up your current HSE initiatives so you can focus your energy on resource planning and scaling your business.

Monitor HSE management activities correctly

Navigate regulatory policies smoothly, manage the safety of your employees, and get more things done with TowerSheet.

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Save Money with Risk Mitigation

Study safety report trends and understand where costs are coming from. TowerSheet allows you to compare reports for in-depth risk analysis and timely endorse appropriate actions for incident response and prevention. Minimize risks and correlated costs in specific worksites with detailed investigation documentation and analysis with TowerSheet.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Meet the criteria for incident reporting set by your local government, adhere to company safety and emergency protocols, and notify involved parties on time. TowerSheet is equipped with customizable forms, checklists and presets that lead to better documentation. This, in turn, allows you to adhere to regulatory patchwork, while protecting your staff, and ultimately, your business.

HSE Incident Management Module Features

TowerSheet’s HSE Incident Management module was designed for your incident reporting and risk analysis needs. It allows users to create many types of incidents as necessary and customize the values, as well as user access, for each of them.

Create New Incidents

Add a new incident record and detail all pertinent information in relation to the event. The module also allows users to recommend actions, as well as share and print the incident report.

Assign Actions to Team

Review high-priority incident reports and assign new actions to employees via the Incident Workflow page. You can change the status of these actions once they’ve been assigned to your team.

Create Workflow Reports

Workflow reports contain all the Incident-related information that you entered into the system. Once you’ve finalized your data, you can save the report to your computer, or print it out for you and your client.

Build a Sustainable Business

Sustainability depends on your ability to anticipate HSE problems and invest more in the safety of your manpower. Learn more about how TowerSheet can help you streamline your HSE management plan by requesting a demo or consultation with our IT specialists. TowerSheet is exclusively available for purchase through Microsoft AppSource.

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